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IS Contact 1.5.2 13/02/06 Free English
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

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Manage and use your contact information in a simple way

Cyril Roger

Recent changes

  • Added application version number to logon screen
  • Added Glass Image Pack to installer
  • Fixed bug causing action links disabled message dialog
  • Fixed bug causing general information panel to display at incorrect height
  • Fixed issue causing 'Save & New' feature not saving previous contacts
  • Fixed issue causing custom visual styles to render controls incorrect
  • Fixed toolbar rollovers when window is not focused
  • Fixed installer not containing cncs232.dll

Manage and use your contact information in a powerful yet simple way. Contact features plenty of features and great technology that allows you to get the most out of your address book.

Bringing true innovation to the world of contact management, Contact allows you to effectively and easily start creating and managing your friends, family and business contacts. Contact packs a punch to when it comes to using your data effectively, with actions built straight into the user interface that allow you to quickly perform common tasks, like sending emails and writing letters to a contact.

One of the many features that makes Contact truly understandable and easy to use is its perfectly crafted user interface. With smooth icons and a mindful layout everything is always exactly where you would expect it to be. Free from clutter and super responsive Contact provides an all round refined user experience.

Many contact managers allow you to enter a whole plethra of information, which is great if you are a high flying business person with lots of data that you need on the go. But Contact offers all the information an everyday person would require, from multiple email addresses to nicknames. Everything you would expect and need in a contact manager is in Contact and theres none of the bloat.

Contact features a simple search system integrated right into the main application user interface. Just simply type something about the contact you wish to find, it doesn't matter what either, whether it be their name, address, telephone number, email or anything that Contact can store you will return results in a flash. Contact Smart Searching searches any string whether it be part of a name or a full name and is guranteed to find relevant results.

Share a computer with your family or at work? Not a problem for Contact if you are worried about the security of your data, just activate a high level encryption onto your contact database in a single click.

With a powerful Sync Manager built directly into the application you can share you data in seconds. Whether you want to share your contact information across 2 computers on a network or on computers anywhere in the world* you can do now in seconds flat**.

Exporting your data is also just as simple as doing anything else in Contact, simply press the export button and chose your file type and your away. You can share data in industry standard formats so for those who still aren't using Contact 1.5 can still get that all important info. Supported file types include plain text (.txt), vCard (.vcf), Isaac Database (.idb) and Comma Seperated Values (.csv).

"Run, just run, do not install"

Rubbish - DON'T Install it, will not import contacts under any format that i have VCF or CSV, Took me forever to un -install it, used there own programme, then kept, requesting me to re install it, in the end had to use McAfee shredder to get rid of in end

  • Nothing
  • Import feature as promised
  • get rid of extra bloatware included in download
  • when i want to un install something, i dont expect a battle

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13 Mar 2014

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